Being asked to write a foreword for a book by a well-known writer and eminent personality like P.T.Bopanna is a daunting task, especially when it is someone who chronicles my community – The Kodavas!

He writes on a myriad bunch of topics ranging from the literature of Coorg and the many books that document aspects of my community. He writes about the need for responsible tourism in the district and the phenomenon of homestays, as he lists the beautiful properties on coffee estates in Coorg that have become so popular.

Bopanna writes on the beautiful traditional jewelry that is so particular to this community and the hidden meanings of every piece worn by a Coorg bride and groom. He writes about the glorious cuisine, which is appreciated all over our country and the seasonal offerings that are delicious, medicinal and unusual.

The author writes of little things and large, on customs and traditions that the younger generation is in danger of forgetting and that need to be documented for posterity. In fact, I seriously believe that future historians will be able to rely on his accounts and anecdotes of this wonderful community and its unique way of life when they write about the Kodavas.

His viewpoint is piercing, and he is a modernist in every sense of the word. He celebrates the women of Coorg in her many avatars and receives flak for showing the modern young miss clad in a two-piece swimsuit instead of the graceful Coorg sari, which is so distinctively worn with the pleats at the back and with a seedha palla fastened over the right shoulder   with an antique brooch.

But he is spot on when he celebrates how fiercely modern the young Coorg woman is as he lauds her for her high standards and brilliant achievements in education. He writes about her achievements in various fields, especially sports, where the women of Coorg match their men in every aspect. He is truly a champion of this unique female of the species – The Kodavathi.   

Bopanna writes about the Coorg diaspora who are scattered all over the world and the many successful entrepreneurs in multi-national jobs that they perform so brilliantly.  

He is quick to celebrate the achievements of this community and we should be grateful to him for the wide audience he commands, as they celebrate this amazing land and its wonderful people. The spotlight he trains on his community brings welcome attention to a large number of achievers in diverse fields. 

I for one, will grab as many copies of this book as I can lay my hands on for I think it will make a perfect gift for the many admirers and followers of the Kodava land and community.

-Prasad Bidapa.   

Prasad Bidapa is the iconic fashion guru of India. He is the pioneer in the Indian Fashion Industry since the last four decades. He has set a benchmark in the revival of Khadi and the traditional textiles of India for which he has become one of the most influential spokespersons. He is an avid environmentalist and works with many citizen groups active in protecting the city of Bengaluru.

The paperback book is available on Amazon. To buy the book, click on the image below:






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