Author P.T. Bopanna’s ninth book ‘Round and About with P.T. Bopanna’ has been launched. The new book is a compilation of articles written in a lighter vein.

Bopanna says that, being a chronicler of Kodagu involving documenting facts, there was hardly any scope for engaging in humour or tongue-in-cheek write-ups in his previous books. Hence, he decided to put together his articles and anecdotes written with a pinch of humour.

The title of the book was inspired by the daily column ‘Round And About’ by the late Behram “Busybee” Contractor, one of India’s best known humour writers. When Bopanna was doing his journalism internship with Mid-Day newspaper in Mumbai, Busybee was working there.

Though most of the articles are Coorg-centric, Bopanna has also narrated anecdotes from his long experiences as a professional journalist. They include, barging into a function attended by Prince Charles, lunch with nuclear scientist Dr Raja Ramanna, and meeting the legendary Russian test pilot Viktor Pugachev.

Bopanna has also given a humorous spin to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to grow long hair during the pandemic-induced lockdown.

The foreword for the book has been written by Prasad Bidapa, the iconic fashion guru of India. The cover has been designed by Bhakti Saraswat-Devaiah.

The Kindle edition of the book was published a few months ago. The paperback book published by Rolling Stone Publications and containing colour photographs is priced Rs 150 per copy.

The paperback book is available on Amazon. To buy the book, click on the image below:

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