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Title: The Romance of Indian Coffee
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Publisher: Rolling Stone Publications, Bangalore-560011. 2010

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Author: C.P. Belliappa

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Title: Nuggets from Coorg History
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Title: Victoria Gowramma: The Lost Princess of Coorg
Publisher: Rupa & Co. 2010. The book was translated into Kannada in 2013 and published by Ankita Pustaka.

Author: Chinnappa Boverianda and Nanjamma

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Publisher: Niyogi Books. 2014

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Title: A Place Apart (2022)

Author: Tilak Ponappa

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Author: Mookonda Kushalappa

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Author: Sarita Mandanna

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Author: Air Marshal K.C. Cariappa (retd)

Title: Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa (retd)
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Author: Brinda Somaya

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Publisher: Penguin

Author: Dr S.V. Narasimhan

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Publisher: Coorg Wildlife Society. 2004

Author: Ranee Vijaya Kuttaiah

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Author: John and Jeanette Isaac

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Title: General Thimmaiah. 1972
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Title: Kodavas: A Comprehensive Study. 1980

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Author: Cathleen Ballantyne

Title: Plenty Salaams (life in coffee plantations of the 1880s) first published in 1954

Author: E. Thurston

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Publisher: Cambridge University Press. 1913

Author: U. Aitchison (compiler)

Title: A Collection of Treaties, Engagements and Sanads.
Publisher: Government of India Central Publication Branch, Calcutta. 1929

Author: Appaneravanda Haradasa Appacha Kavi

Title of the four plays written in Kodava Thak between 1906 and 1920: Kaveri Nataka, Yayatiraja Nataka, Subramanya Nataka and Savitri Nataka.

Author: Kalengada Ramesh Kariappa

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Compiled by Rajah Dodda Vira Rajendra

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Author: Chendanda Dechamma Karumbaiah

Title: Kodava Gade Pinja Palanjoll (collection of proverbs and adages in Kodava Thak), 1982

Author: M.G. Nagaraj

Title: Kembatti Holeyara Samskriti (Kannada), Bangalore, 1997

Note: I acknowledge my thanks to Boverianda Nanjamma and Chinnappa, researchers, for their help in putting together the list.






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